What Is Internet Marketing?

So what exactly is Internet Marketing?

Gosh, Not those bogus stuff of making money online with the speed of a click again. Well, to be honest, It is NOT!

Because what you are going to read next is going to dispel all those bogus stuff and give you the clearest and most authenticate info about internet marketing.

You see, Internet marketing was originated to generate leads, sales and promote brand awareness. Hence the development of search engine optimization, email marketing, social media marketing and various forms of paid advertising.

Now, all these marketing efforts will ultimately stream revenue to businesses. This is either done by sending potential buyers directly to the digital or physical product pages or an eCommerce store.

But it can be a far fetch dream for many businesses to acquire immediate online revenue and that’s probably why many businesses resorted to lead generation instead. Businesses will then follow up with these leads with various marketing efforts to convert them into sales.

Once this list of potential buyers is in the businesses database, businesses can market to them over and over again. Literally dropping your marketing fee to zero or almost zero.

If you own a business, that’s like music to your ears right?

So, is time to celebrate and party with the music right?

You certainly can but if you want multiple sales and long-term ROI, you will want to continue forward.

Because the depth to lead generation varies among different industries ranging from:

– Building an email list (best if customer name can be included) for self-made internet marketers.

– Building a lead database including customer physical mailing address and phone number for eCommerce and local brick and mortar businesses.

– In the case of B2B marketing, businesses will pursue more robust means to collect data such as industry categories or the number of employees in the prospective businesses.

– For high ticket B2C businesses such as real estate and insurance, they will often want to know the income range and family size of the prospects.

It is only through understanding these data that businesses can create targeted marketing campaign through telemarketing, mailers and other necessary efforts to convert these leads into solid, paying customers.

Yes, these efforts look like a lot of hassle but it is a more cost-effective and sustainable way to drive consistent sales to the businesses.

Now that you see the importance of lead generation, it only makes sense that an entire article (which you will see in the next article) is to be devoted to show you the different ways to generate highly potential leads.

Before you skip to that chapter, you need to know that another immediate goal for internet marketing is to grow brand awareness. Traditional businesses spend a huge amount of advertising budget to get their brand, logo and unique selling proposition (USP) in front of prospects as many time as possible.

Let’s face it, people are forgetful and businesses will need to constantly drum their brand and product so that prospects will acquire the product and service should the need arise.

So, when a fast food chain advertises on TV, they are not expecting you to hop into the car and head to the drive-through for a takeout (although that would be the very much ideal outcome). Instead, the chain is planting the seed in your mind and let it bloom the next time you clock out for lunch and wondering what’s for lunch.

Now, bringing the same concept to the online arena, you can now see why online tax service agencies are advertising heavily during the months of December and January. Not because they are targeting the crowd that submits tax early (again, it would be ideal to have them as customers) but they are drumming their brand to 90% of Americans who prefer to do their last-minute tax submission during April.

Lastly, it is wise for businesses to engage in frequent social media marketing for maximum brand awareness as well. That’s the reason you see businesses promoting their brand association for loyalty, pride, and humor on major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and many more.

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