Retargeting Tools

There are several platforms and suites that will allow you to leverage the retargeting strategies you’ve learned so far. We’ll cover a few of the more popular ones right now.


Google AdWords is arguably one of the most far-reaching platforms around. It’s particularly attractive to businesses because it includes so many different advertising aspects. You can do basic search engine marketing (SEM), textual display ads and graphical banner ads all over the web, text ads on Android apps, video ads on Youtube, and so much more. Well guess what? Retargeting is right there on that list too. And what’s more, retargeting is built right into all those other advertising opportunities as well as being built right into Google analytics. This makes Google AdWords an incredibly attractive option, not just for search retargeting, but for retargeting in general.

AdRoll and Perfect Audience

Retargeting platforms like AdRoll and Perfect audience are an excellent option for newcomers to retargeting. These platforms provide an SAAS suite in which users can easily track, segment, and analyze their retargeting audiences after placing a pixel on their websites. Once you’re ready to start serving ads, each of these platforms have a very far-reaching display network with ad inventory all over the web as well as the option to focus on native ads inside Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook and Twitter

If you’d rather not focus on a broad display network all around the web and simply focus on native ads indie of people’s social media feeds, you can always deal directly with the social networks. Facebook and Twitter each have their own retargeting platforms for advertisers to use directly. These platforms are surprisingly easy to learn and employ, even for total beginners. After copying and pasting your Facebook or Twitter retargeting pixel to your web properties, you’ll be able to analyze and segment your audiences the same way you would in the previously-mentioned platforms. Then you would go through the traditional ad campaign creation process you’ve always used on these social platforms, but instead of creating an audience from scratch based on interests or demographics, you’d simply select your existing retargeting audience.

All of the retargeting knowledge you’ve gained thus far is incredibly valuable. But it’ll be worth absolutely nothing if you don’t apply it right now. Start leveraging the power of retargeting for your business by implementing retargeting today!

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