Email Marketing – Marketing Optimization

Once you’ve established a strategy and are ready to begin email marketing, you’ll want to ensure you optimize all of your email campaigns as much as possible to maximize your ROI. The first step is getting people to open your emails, and that starts with your subject line. Subject Line Styles Subject lines are absolutely … Read moreEmail Marketing – Marketing Optimization

Email Marketing Strategies Part 2

Upselling and Cross-selling Probably one of the most obvious and financially rewarding aspects of email marketing is upselling or cross-selling. Typically, upselling means immediately offering a relevant product or service after the purchase of another product. The key words there are “immediate” and “relevant”. In the digital world, this usually happens automatically as a buyer … Read moreEmail Marketing Strategies Part 2

Email Marketing Strategies

There are a number of ways to leverage email marketing for your business. These range from super basic to super advanced and everything in between. Let’s start by differentiating between the two main types of email marketing messages. Newsletters Newsletters are one of the oldest types of marketing models. Both in the case of print … Read moreEmail Marketing Strategies

Facebook Ads – The Creative

Ad Format While creating your advertisement creative, you will see various form options including unique picture, unique video, carousel, painting (new) and slideshow. The single picture just indicates one picture will be presented, although you can attach up to six pictures and Facebook will randomize which one presents per impression. The single video is obvious, … Read moreFacebook Ads – The Creative

Facebook Ads – Creating Your Campaign

After you click the “create-ad” link or “create-campaign” button, you’ll be advised to choose an aim. For our ideas, we will assume you’re striving for clicks to your blog. After determining your aim you’ll want to start a campaign-name and choose which of your business or fan pages your ad will be added to. Audience … Read moreFacebook Ads – Creating Your Campaign

Twitter Ads – Analyze, Optimize, Retarget

One reason a lot of independent advertisers give up on Twitter ads is that their first experience is underwhelming. Somewhere inside, maybe unconsciously, they were expecting their first campaign to make them millionaires overnight and when that doesn’t happen, they give up. This is a huge mistake! Twitter ads can work wonders for your business. … Read moreTwitter Ads – Analyze, Optimize, Retarget