Intro to Twitter Ads

The background story about Twitter

Twitter was created by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams in March 2006 and caught worldwide attention a year later at South by Southwest Interactive (SXSWi) conference where Twitter took a smart leap to stream instant live tweets at the conference. Visitors were amazed and kept tweeting during the conference. News about Twitter then spread like wildfire.

What’s a tweet you ask?

A tweet is a message that’s exclusive to Twitter which user can post a maximum of 280 text characters or a mixture of video and images. For your information, a Tweet was initially launched to be capped at 140 characters but Twitter decided to increase the character limit to 280 at 2017.

Guess Twitter finally hears the users’ uproar about the limitation.

However, users like celebrities, politicians, sports stars and even businesses adapted to Twitter limitation long before the upgrade. They found creative ways to trumpet their presence and that revolutionizes the delivery of news and entertainment.

Do you know journalists make up almost 25% of all verified Twitter users? They watch Twitter like hawks and swoop in immediately to updates that pop up on the Twitter Trending ranks.

What’s twitter trending you ask?

The Twitter trend is a hashtag topic that caught popularity in a period of time through users responds such as like, share and retweet.

Oops, what’s a retweet?

A retweet is another feature which Twitter users can re-post messages from other users.


Tweets, trending, hashtags, retweets, Twitter is a messy place for business.

It might appear to be so but it is also because of those unique features that draw businesses to advertise on Twitter. Why?

Because of the sheer numbers…

To date, Twitter is hosting more than 336 million active users worldwide every month with 68 million of them being USA active users. And to give you a clearer picture, the average Twitter user follows 5 brands or businesses and 80% of them have mentioned these companies in a Tweet. 54% of them reported that they have research of the brands being mentioned in Tweets (e.g. going to the brand’s website, checking out the product, etc).

To put these into perspective, Twitter has documented 300% revenue per visitor year over year and that’s some pretty impressive stat. By the way, Facebook only grows 39% revenue per visitor, just for your information.


Can you imagine the profits you are leaving on the table if you, as a business, ignore advertising on Twitter?

If that’s not convincing enough, almost 70% of US businesses with more than 100+ employees are running Twitter marketing. 60% of world top brands have built massive Twitter followings (100k or more) to their businesses. 92% of these brands will then Tweet more than once a day while half of them post up to 5 Tweets a day and 20% of them Tweet up to 10 times a day.

What do all those numbers mean?

They mean that your competitors are already on Twitter and chewing up your profit pie through the platform. So again, are you going to ignore advertising on Twitter?

The answer is clear as daylight. You should use Twitter.

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