Getting Started with Facebook Ads

There are enough of people that say Facebook Ads will not work, but there are usually the people that failed at them! It is a fact that the biggest companies and online marketers leverage Facebook ads. Facebook continues being the top advertising network for multiple reasons.

For example:

– Powerful native ad display
– Powerful targeting
– Wide demographic data available
– Lot’s of active users
– Powerful retargeting possibilities

Some other facts about Facebook:
– Approx 1.9 billion monthly active people
– Approx 1.3 billion logins per day
– 4+ fresh profiles are created per second.

With so many registered people, it’s no surprise over 39% of marketers state that Facebook is a significant element of their marketing. The mystery is: Which steps should you make to get it to work for you?

Establishing Goals

Make sure to set your marketing goals before you even start your initial ad campaign. That will assist you to manage everything, like the campaign objective, your budget, and the bidding. Perhaps you want to grow your list using cold traffic and send them to a lead page. Going for cold traffic will result in a lower spending approach. But when you direct these leads to a powerful sales funnel then maybe you’ll be ready to pay extra per click, these sales funnels are crafted to get good results.

Possibly you’re sending them straight to a paid-offer or a webinar including a high-ticket offer.

Maybe you’re just attempting to drive more visitors to your blog to deliver them quality content and to expose your brand. You can build a retargeting list at the same time.

No matter what your goals are, have them planned out before you begin designing your ad.

Setting Up Your Page and Ad Account

You need a Facebook “fan page” or “business page” because Facebook ads can just be connected to pages, not user profiles.

Therefore take some time to set up a page, follow these simple steps:

– Click the “create page” link, you can find this on your home screen at the bottom left.
– Pick the category that fits you (for example public figure, brand, local business, etc).
– Pick an appealing profile image and header image for your page.
– Create your bio/about us text.

Now you should make your page set to receive traffic. The point is some people that see your advertisements might not associate particularly as you prefer. Preferably than click through to your blog, they regularly will just proceed to your Facebook page and you need to benefit from that traffic obviously. So you should at minimum have a call-to-action button on your page that points somewhere. For the time being, you can just prefer “sign up” for the call-to-action and direct it to a landing page or blog.

After you set up your page you can directly click the “create-ad” button and, if you do not have an ads account, you will have to create it. You can create your account quickly and the process is pretty straightforward. When everything is set up, you can start creating your prime ad campaign.

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