An Introduction to Banner Ads Part 2

So Where Should You Place Banner Ads

Research Your Target Market

Wherever you place the banner ads is dependent on your aims and target market. So reasonably your initial step should be to understand and study as much as you can regarding your target market. Get to know your buyer character, behavior and motivations. Study your audience utilizing existing readings or data. Search for case studies that share what has worked previously for your niche. Obviously, you can also do your own study by analyzing past advertisement and Sales data from your own experiences or by doing surveys on your target market. Additionally, just be informed of what people are saying and representing by taking time to periodically observe social media groups and forums in your target market.

Set Your Goals

Seeing the goals specified above, you must have a crystal goal set for any banner ad campaign you manage. Are you experimenting with a fresh product idea? Then perhaps your goal this event is to get visitors to a survey to measure interest in the plan as well as to create a priority list of leads to market to when the product is completed. Perhaps your goal is immediate sales. No matter what it is, you’ll want to know before you begin planning where to advertise your banner ads.

Where Exactly Should You Advertise

When you determined your target audience and your goals are set, it’s time to choose where to place those ads. One possibility is to manually choose advertisement locations. You can contact website owners, forums, and blogs in your niche. If you’re marketing an internet marketing tool, go spend for a banner position in the header ad space of the Warrior Forum. When you’re advertising your latest book, discover a big blog for books in your style and approach the owner regarding ads.

If applying this manual approach, be sure to study the metrics of the presented site, blog, or forum. Obviously, you’ll require to promote your ad in areas with a consistent level of traffic and a certain reputation to secure your advertisement dollars are used well. You can read a lot regarding websites by studying them on Alexa. The standard method we’ve just called can be very useful but it can also lot of time and it can be difficult. Numerous marketers favor doing broad targeting through a larger ad network. Seemingly the most common example of this would be the Google Adwords Network. You can simply create some targeting/audience and/or keyword choices inside your Google Adwords production process and implement the best banner images (explained below). Google Adwords will then start displaying your banner ads in the places that it’s data decides are suitable for your wanted audience. Also, an excellent alternative is to use a retargeting program with a multi-network stretch like AdRoll. This implies you place retargeting pixels on your site and create a retargeting audience which you can later follow throughout the internet with your banner ads via various networks/exchanges including Facebook and Google Adwords. In those circumstances, the retargeting program usually does all the difficult tasks for you.

Design Your Ads

The Tools

There are numerous tools you can use to design a banner ad. When you have design skills, you can manage any graphic design application like Adobe Photoshop or Gimp. Nevertheless, many companies favor a very quick solution specially created for non-designers to design banner ads, such as BannerSnack.

Banner Ad Format, Size, and Shape

Obviously, you should have a mixture of banner ad sizes ready for practice in your campaigns. Preferable you can use match the recommendations of the ad network you’re using. It is pretty easy to do this with a banner ad solution like BannerSnack. Another significant detail is going to be the format. When using static images, you should use .jpeg, .jpg, .png, and .gif file formats. When using animated banners, you will be working with .swf and .gif files. It’s also essential to think about the file size. Most ad networks have a maximum upload size, so it is important.

Ideas For Your Design

When using BannerSnack or any other design program, it is very smart to use templates as a general layout.

Here are some common best methods to apply:

– Pay attention to your brand or product colors and use those for your ad.
– Always use high-quality images.
– Keep it clean and easy to read.
– Make it attractive to your audience (use the research you did earlier).
– Always keep testing and optimize.

The Plan

In completion, there’s lots of proof that banner ads work excellent depending on your company, audience, and aims.

So, implement the 5 steps below and get started immediately:

Step 1: Study everything you can regarding your target audience.
Step 2: Set your banner ad aims.
Step 3: Discover which ad network or particular websites meet your requirements.
Step 4: Apply the size/shape guidelines of your chosen ad network and create your banner images.
Step 5: Test many variants to see what works best and always keep optimizing while you are testing.

Banner ads are extremely powerful and you should use them, enjoy.


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