Introduction to Retargeting

What is Retargeting? Retargeting has grown a lot in the last couple of years. Formerly regarded as a very difficult and costly tactic, only available to huge businesses, retargeting has lately shifted to a must-have promotion tactic for every business. Also importantly, now even the new entrepreneurs can use it, it is affordable and not … Read moreIntroduction to Retargeting

Facebook Marketing – Content Strategy

Now that you’ve got your presence established, it’s time to start cranking out some quality organic marketing content. Let’s look at some of the types of content you can create, curate, and leverage in your Facebook marketing. Basic Posts So much emphasis has been placed on visual media like photos, memes, and videos in recent … Read moreFacebook Marketing – Content Strategy

Facebook Marketing – Establishing a Presence

In order to reach your audience, gain followers, conduct market research, or accomplish any goals at all, you’ll need to establish a presence on Facebook. What sort of presence you create will depend largely on what you hope to accomplish, but the most common first step is usually to create a “page” (often called “fan … Read moreFacebook Marketing – Establishing a Presence

Internet Marketing – Lead Generation

Most of the mentioned marketing methods have the same immediate goal in mind: getting traffic to a web page. This web page could be either a sales/order page or a lead generation page. Since sales is a relatively straightforward topic and lead generation is at the forefront of immediate internet marketing goals, we’ll be focusing … Read moreInternet Marketing – Lead Generation

Internet Marketing Methods

Regardless of whether your intended destination for traffic is a sales page, a lead page, or simply a piece of content, the potential internet marketing methods are manifold. We’ll cover the most common ones here. Email Marketing Email marketing is unique on this list for a very obvious reason: you already have their email address. … Read moreInternet Marketing Methods

Email Marketing – Email List Maintenance

Practicing good email list maintenance is critical to keeping your deliverability up as well as keeping a happy healthy list overall. Low open rates, unsubscribes, complaints, inactive subscribers, and bad hygiene, in general, can severely impact your ability to get into the inbox and avoid the spam folder. It can also cause you to get … Read moreEmail Marketing – Email List Maintenance

Email Marketing – Marketing Optimization

Once you’ve established a strategy and are ready to begin email marketing, you’ll want to ensure you optimize all of your email campaigns as much as possible to maximize your ROI. The first step is getting people to open your emails, and that starts with your subject line. Subject Line Styles Subject lines are absolutely … Read moreEmail Marketing – Marketing Optimization

Email Marketing Strategies Part 2

Upselling and Cross-selling Probably one of the most obvious and financially rewarding aspects of email marketing is upselling or cross-selling. Typically, upselling means immediately offering a relevant product or service after the purchase of another product. The key words there are “immediate” and “relevant”. In the digital world, this usually happens automatically as a buyer … Read moreEmail Marketing Strategies Part 2