Introduction To Youtube Marketing

YouTube is a social network founded in 2005 and obviously still one of the biggest websites today and continually growing, a pioneer in social networking! All the videos published on Youtube can be seen on every device, this makes the content very accessible to everyone around the world. YouTube draws a huge variety of demographics, … Read moreIntroduction To Youtube Marketing

An Introduction to Banner Ads Part 2

So Where Should You Place Banner Ads Research Your Target Market Wherever you place the banner ads is dependent on your aims and target market. So reasonably your initial step should be to understand and study as much as you can regarding your target market. Get to know your buyer character, behavior and motivations. Study … Read moreAn Introduction to Banner Ads Part 2

An Introduction to Banner Ads

An Introduction to Banner Ads Banner advertising became very popular after its modest beginnings ages ago. Yes, ages ago! Flip into any old paper or printing from the American colonial period and you’ll discover multiple banner ads pitching various products from beer to socks, complete including the main image, thoughtfully chosen brand colors, a slogan … Read moreAn Introduction to Banner Ads